Turbobit Premium. Fast and convenient file exchange.

What is Turbobit? It is a service for downloading and storing your files with links. All you have to do is go to site and, in just a few clicks download or upload the desired file. And it can be done absolutely free of charge and without registration. True, in this case, the size of the file is very limited and there is an order in the download queue. But what to do if you need to download a larger file? Not to break it into separate fragments, of course.

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Sign up

Turbobit offers a larger size in storage for registered users, not severely limiting you. All you have to do is agree to the rules of the service and confirm your email address. Nothing special, just an obligation not to distribute banned content and such.


Turbobit Premium Account

But the most convenient option to work with the service, of course, costs money. By the way, it is quite a small price for the ability to download up to 40 GB per day (600 GB for 30 days). The download speed depends only on your ISP and reaches more than 1 Gb/sec. In addition, you get these advantages:

  • No ads while downloading.
  • No interruptions or queues.
  • Ability to resume downloading in case of network disconnection.
  • You can download it through direct links.
  • Terms of storage of files are increased.

If you have paid Turbobit Premium, being on the site as a registered user, access to additional features will be immediately open to your account. As a guest, you can also pay for Turbobit Premium by entering your email, and getting a special code for access. It will work for your next download and you can always register and use it for your account.



$ 9.95


$ 34.95


$ 59.95


$ 89.95

Responsive Help Desk

If you have some kind of error and after paying for Turbobit Premium you can’t get the code/access to the paid service, you can always contact the support team. In the short term, experts will deal with the situation and be able to help you. If there is a problem with the method of payment, you can try another way or use the service of resellers.


Join a partner program

By the way, you can always join an affiliate or reseller program and get benefits for yourself in the form of discounts on services or direct remuneration for cooperation. Our service gives preference to sites with already connected payment systems, which are not on our site. All you need to do is fill out the form and within 5 business days, you can expect a response by email in case of approval.



Another way to get a nice discount is to subscribe. You can agree to automatically renew access to Turbobit Premium. To do this, all you have to do is to activate the paid option “Subscription with discount”. At the end of each period of service, you will automatically renew your access to Premium services.


Increase anonymity

You can use the paid service “HTTPS + DNT”. This means that all your activities on our site will take place using an HTTPS encryption protocol, which is considered more secure. This is especially true for confidential information. The Do Not Track policy, on the other hand, means that the site is strictly committed to not using your personal information in any way.


Download twice as much with Premium Plus option

Another additional paid option, Plus+, allows you to double your available download limit. You can download up to 1200 GB per month this way. It is worth remembering that all paid features are available at the time of purchase of Turbobit Premium and are provided for the period of service.

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